The illuminati list – part 6

I hope everybody can spread the names of these people and make them known to as many people as possible. I will try to keep the list fresh with new names everyday.  


1. Walter Lippman
2. Paul Warburg
3. Herbert Hoover
4. Harold Temperley 
5. Lionel Curtis
6. Lord Eustace Percy 
7. Christian Herter
8. James Thomson Shotwell,
9. John Rarick
10. Richard Gardner 
11. William C. Dudley
12. John Elkann
13. Dan Smoot
14. John Rarick
15. David Spangler
16. Henry Gonzalez 
17. Jacques Yves Cousteau
18. Jose Arguelles
19. Olympia Snowe
20. Foster Dulles 
21. Charles Krauthammer 
22. Baron Dennis Stevenson
23. Georg Friedrich
24. Al Gore
25. Maria Vladimirovna 
26. William Hague
27. Baron David Wilson
28. Sumner Welles, 
29. Christian G. Rakovsky Bolshevik
30. Strobe Salbot
31. Brock Adams
32. Maurice Strong
33. James Garrison

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