The illuminati list – part 5

For the past few days i have been writing the names of the ones that form the secret socity known as the illuminati. I am doing this with the hope that making the world aware of the persons that are responsible for the unrest that is happening all over the world the financial crysis the corruption and armed conflicts just to gain more and more control over our freedoms our way of life and in the process making them richer. I hope everybody will help me with exposing these people.


1. Karl Albrecht
2. Brzezinski Zbigniew 
3. Nikolai Kamov
4. King Harald Norway
5. Frederick Baldwin Adams
6. Bernard Arnault
7. Buffet Warren
8. Khalifa bin Sayed al Nahyan
9. Prince Hans Adam II
10. Vladimir Potanin 
11. Charles Napoleon
12. Armancio Ortega
13. Mohammed bin Rashid al Makram
14. Rinat Akhmetov
15. Colin Powell
16. James P. Tucker
17. Madeleine Albright 
18. Strobe Talbott 
19. Condeleeza Rice
20. Paul Volker
21. Lawrence Summer 
22. Jane Harman
23. Eliot Cohen
24. Mack Mclarty
25. Leonard Blavatnik
26. Vladimir Putin
27. Michael Royal of Romania
28. Robin Budenberg
29. Peter Carington
30. Sir John Parker
31. Richard Salant
32. Chester M. Pierce
33. Edward M. House 

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