The illuminati list – part 4

Please everybody that is reading my post copy the rest of the names and spread them around to everybody you know or other persons that can make these names public or more known to as many people as we can. Thank you for your effort.


1. Allegra Versace
2. Michael Bloomberg
3. Dan  voiculescu
4. Richard Branson
5. Frank Lauternberg
6. Robert Milton Worcester
7. Mark Warner
8. Ingvar Kamprad
9. Bernald Arnaut
10. Amo Houghton
11. Robert Bruce Zoellick
12. Rick Scott
13. Sam Zell
14. Nancy Pelosi
15. Brian Dunbar
16. David Geoffrey Manning
17. Guillermo Ortiz Martinez
18. Michael McCaul
19. Eddy Hartenstein
20. Donald Berwick
21. Herb Kohl
22. Bob Bankster
23. Carl Bildt
24. John Corzine
25. Thomas S. Ricketts 
26. Tony Blair
27. David Miliband
28. Ed Wilson
29. Prince R. Philip of Belguim
30. Oscar Bronner
31. John Adams Morgan 
32. Alisher Usmanov
33. Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

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